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[December 05, 2006 @ 9:57pm]
hey everyone just to let you know i wont be postin on this blog much anymore considering i have a new blog. check it out  at http://www.kathinator.blogspot.com/
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.. [November 06, 2006 @ 12:32pm]
i hate everything.
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potatoe sex! [October 26, 2006 @ 7:38pm]
hahaa.. anywayss im wrighting this blog out of boredom. waiting for my food to be ready lol.. anyways last couple days hav been off and on gooddayss// lol
 ill spare u the pain and only talk about today.. so school is boring right?.. ok just making that clearr to everyonee. umm didnt do much today watso everr..  so nothin really matters till lunch.. so we shall skip to lunch lol.. lunch, went to store to buy lunch. came back went to choir. umm went back to media artss.. blah blah blaa.. umm left at 130 to see miss tatee. umm didnt go to spanish till 230.. that the life hey lol.. it was pretty niceee. lol .. umm lalalaalalalaa finally school ends .. go rowing.. see a seal with a salmon in its mouth.. that was so entertaining.. this is really the only thing i wanted to say in my blog lol.. (how sad).. haha but it was pretty wickedd.. but ya gothome and had my tutor come over and help me with math.. now i shall go and eat my foodd.. ill update some time lattttttttttterrrrrrrrrrrz
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[October 19, 2006 @ 8:04pm]
awww,, ya im gettin tired with my life. ya i know.. blah bla blahhh.. anywayss on with my dayy..

today. umm get to school hang out with Allison and Brandi for a while befor class. go to math class hand in my chapter 4 stuff. and then head to the library (they were doen the test an im doen it on mondayyy). so i kinda sit in the back for a while tryin to do homework.. wasnt very sucessfull. .. lol left the library like 2omins early.. saw Levi walking towards me.. of course i was like uh. considering hes supost to be writgin the test lol.. he had to go tell our teach. that he had a dentist appontment.. lol he came back and was like "she tolld me to get out" "shes not very happy with me" lol.. it was funny and then we walk and sit outside of the library and wait to go off to ciences (<-- ITS IN SPANISH!!) science was boringg but it was alrightt. then of course double block of media artss.. we had some guy from the film festival come and talk to us.. the last like 15mins of class i sat at the table near the window. and you can see into the photocopying room from ther and i watched my choir teacher for like 15 mins lol.. i was havin fun she didnt notice me at all.. lol she didnt look like she was havin funn haha.. then lunch . had choir that was mehish. but i stayed and talked to Mrs Hughes havnt lol.. and i was like "how was photo copying" loll.. haha but ya we talked about stufffff and she walked with me till i got to my class (making sure my teacher wouldnt kill me for being laterr.. not like she would, she didnt even notice me come in latterr) lol anyways my day goes on.. blah blah blah.. went to Spanish after media arts.. we didnt do much so it was ok.. me and Kurumi decided we were gonna go trick or treating together.. (oooh yah.. weres soooooo cool!) haha after i had rowing practice.. funnnnnnnnnnnnn NOTTT. we were doen 500m race pieces, cuz thers a regatta this weekend (im not goen cuz im goen to youth councilsss) and ways i dont like them lol.. i was in a double with Daniel, it was ok but on our 3rd 500m piece we were rowingg and i cought a "crab" (ok for those who think i was actually catchin crab.. no lol.. its went ur oar gets cought in the matterrr). and ways it came back and it me in the the facee.. mhmm much fun. it hit me in my mouth.. i think my mouth was bleeding lol.. but then we went in.. that made me so happy.. got home. had 5 mins till steph was goenna be at my housee.. so i had 5mins to change and eat.. and then had to do math.. so wasnt in the mood.. but its ok i like doen it with Steph shes awesomeee.. so ya that was my dayy basically.. and tomarroww i leave for CAMP SUNRISEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEE!!  OMGOSH.. CANT WAIT TO SEEE PPLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!.. hehe well i need to go pack .. ill update some time laterrr
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[October 18, 2006 @ 9:20pm]

what to say? huh? . My last couple days have been very long and hard.  Yesterday. wellll ya it was just a long day. i went rowing afterschool and Toni went home sick so i had to row in a double with Camilla. we played rock, paper, sciccors to see who would bow.. of course with my bad luck i had to bow. I HATE BOWINGGG!!!!. anywayss my arms are all brused and swallen.. and im sore alllllllll ova lol.. 

today was a LONG day. up nice and early at 6:30am. at school  for 7:30am.. sat out for choir cuz i didnt feel well, i went to my choir teacher and told her i was feeling welll and she was like ya you dont look well.. lol today was just a long day.. at lunch i had vocal jazz/ then 2 more classses and then voicess after school.. by the time i get to voices im totall out of itt.. filled with stress and everythingg..  so it was kinda bad.. i didnt sing much . just wanted to go homee.. i dont think i was looking to happy either lol.. but then Mrs' Huges  drove me home which was nice of herr... but ya then i got home andd did homework, ive finsihed chapter 4 but now i only hav a chapter review to do, but to tell ya the true i have no clue what the heck im doing..

well i need to be goen,, ill ttyl

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[October 16, 2006 @ 9:16pm]
well, schools hell.. whats new huh? im so fucking tired tho its not good.. my days are long and tirering.. im already wisheing this week is over. i hate that i dont hav time to "hang out" with friends.. that i dont have time just to hav fun. grade 10 sucks.. im doen horrible in my classes.. and am totally stressed out. 

ive been tihnkin about alot lately. and its got me down.. i wish i oculd talk more about it but the true this im actually scared of telling this person how im feelinggg.. ive also been thinking alot about well... my fatness (aka my wieght lol).. ive been thinkin alot, and im scared of the ideas i come up with.. 
anywayss im gonna get of that subject and onto my day

well today. got to school around 8:10am (woohoo, rolls eyes) first class spanish.. the marked the test so i had to go to the library (i havnt written the test yet) anywayss when i went back and didnt do much lol.. then was media arts. boring as hell.. i had to make up interview questions. so i sat with Nick and his friend(forget what his name is).. but we made up some reallllllly stupid questions lol. it was funnyyyyy. double block of sciencee/ /just did work and wateverrr.. lunch i had choir (like the best part of my day!!!).. i was late to my 2nd block of science.. cuz i was talkin to my choir teacher (she gave me a note tho). we talked about alot of stuff. i might be goen away for 6 months next year (im hopeing) but we talked about that . and said shed miss me alot if i did go away. and im gonna be takeing like private lessons with her on fridays now.. im pretty effing excited! ok so once science was over i had matthh ,, um we got review sheets and stuff and i continued to work on my chapter for work.. after school i had dryland pratice. except we waited around foreverrrrrrrr for our couch to show up  ( ohh and i think i may hav a crush lol.. that was kinda randommm) anyways we did stretching and warmup out sideee and then we went up to the weight room in the gym and went on the ergs. we did 5oom race piece and then i went and got water.. (ms koleba told me i got 65% on my multi.choice for chapter 3math). um i got back and had to do 3 very fast and very hard strokes  and try and get my watts up.. i didnt do really good.. but i did good on my 500m racepiece my time was 2 mins, it was awesomee,, anyways once done  i walk out to see my choir teacher taking choir notices done from around the school so i talk to her for a bit and then head to my locker.. i finish gettin my stuff and then she walks by and offers me a ride so she took me homee <-- that made me soooo happy  i was sooo tired from just doing stupid dryland practise.. and ways had dinner.. and then Steph came ova (my tutor for mathh) and we worked on math and she wrote a note to my math teacher askin if i could do my math test monday lol.. i luv her and she left all her grade 10 math with me lol.. shes sooooo freaking awesomee.. anyways now im off to bedddd .. ill update some other timee.. dont know when but sometimmmmmmmmmmme
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ABC's of me!!.. (out of boredom) [September 26, 2006 @ 8:43pm]
A - Available: Yes
A - Age: 15
A - Annoyance: math class

B - Bestest Friend[s]: Chella Clark
B - Birthday: May 28th
B - boyfriend: nopppe
B - Bed made?: no. lol

C - Crush: Yes somewat
C - Car: i wish
C - Candy: m&ms
C - Cell Number: 1-800-U-WISH haha

D - Day or night: Night
D - Dads name: Ron
D - Detachable: Huh??

E - Easiest person to talk to?: Chella, Amy
E - Escalator or Elevator: Elevator

F - Favorite Month: May
F - Favorite color(s): Blue
F - Favorite Memory: LIT 1

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Worms
G - Giver or taker: bothh
G - Grandparents: grannie and grandad walker.. my grandma and grandpa have passed away

H - Hair Color: Brown with highlights
H - Height: dont know
H - Happy: Music

I - Ice Cream: Choc Chip Cookie Dough
I - Instrument: guitar or clarinet

J - Jewelry: my ring that Cheryl gave to me
J - Job: schoooll
J - Jail: umm noo..

K - Kids: well.. im alil young for that lol
K - Kickboxing or Karate: oou kickboxing.
K - Kindergarden: 11 years ago..

L - Longest Car Ride: Victoria to Edmonton
L - Last vacation: senior mu..

M - Milk Flavor: plain milk.. but only with cookies lol
M - Most missed person: my grandma
M - Movie: Shall we Dance
M - Moms name: Marilyn

N - Number of Siblings: 3
N - Number of Tattoos: none..
N - Name: Kathryn

O - ONE WISH: to pass math with a A
O - One Phobia: spiders
O - One regret: ...... you shall not know lol

P- Pet Peeves: when ppl hav to say stuff over and over again to get someones attention
P- people you love: friends and family
P- Part of your personality?: awesomeness

Q- Quote: Chicks before dicks
Q- Quick or Slow: Depends

R - Reason to smile: friendss..
R - Reality TV Show: Mythbusters, America's Got Talent, American Idol
R - Reason to cry: life is a bitch

S - Song Last Heard: dont knoww
S - Season(s): Spring
S - Shoe: vans

T - Time you woke up: this mornin?.. umm like 6:50am.. usally 6:30am
T - Time Now: 9:09pm
T - Time for bed: 10pm

U - U love someone: Yes...
U - Unpredictable?: Yea...I can be
U - Underwear: light blue

V - Vegetable you hate: spinach
V - Vacation spot: Sunshine Coast

W- Worst Habits: Procrastination
W- Where are you going to travel next?: sunshine coast? lol
W- Weather right now: dunnoo
X - X-Rays: teethh

Y - Year you were born: 1991
Y - Year it is now: 2006
Y - Yellow: Sun

Z - Zoo Animal: Moose
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[September 24, 2006 @ 8:38pm]
man.. i cant stand it.. i cant stand when ppl always ask if im mad at them.. seriously. im goen crazy .. frick yah no.. dont really feel like wrightin my lj.. im a lil too frustrated
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[September 15, 2006 @ 7:41pm]
if you have over 43 you're spoiled...apparently..
[x] a cell phone
[x] a hair straightener
[ ] your own computer
[ ] your own car
[x] good grades
total: 3

[] chanel/dior sunglasses/glasses/gucci
[ ] burberry purse
[] a boyfriend/girlfriend
[x] a curlig iron
total: 1

[ ] every fall out boy cd
[x] something from american eagle
[ ] something from hollister
[ ] something from hot topic
[x] a pet
total: 2

[x] some type of trophy/award
[] queen size bed
[ ] king size bed
[x] a mini ipod (or nano) or video/mp3
[] a jersey from a professional team
total: 2

[x] had more than $100 at one time
[ ] monster, full throttle, amp, etc. in your fridge
[] something related to Green Day
[ ] xanga
total: 1

[x] myspace
[x] make-up
[x] a desk in your room
[ ] a hill in your backyard
[x] DDR (DVR)
total: 4

[ ] a pair of skis
[x] alarm clock
[x] a pair of ice skates
[x] rollerblades
[x] treadmill
total: 4

[ ] your own phone line (not including cell phone)
[x] AIM
[ ] Yahoo!
[x] MSN
[ ] ICQ
total: 2

[x] perfume/cologne
[x] bath and body works lotion
[x] necklaces & bracelets
[x] xanga?__ a journal/diary online?
[x] toothbrush
total: 5

[x] yogurt & peaches in your fridge
[ ] x's in your screename
[ ] a birthday in september
[ ] a famous relative
[x] a relative that lives in a different state or country
total: 2

[ ] a disowned relative
[ ] an electric scooter
[] your own bathroom
[ ] your own band
[] any rock band shirts
total: 0

[ ] gamecube
[x] a guitar
[ ] a hammock
[ ] a basketball hoop
[ ] a soccer net
total: 1

[x] a bike
[x] a mini van
[ ] a relative that lives in Florida
[ ] a vc andrews book
[x] a friend who does alcohol/drugs/smokes
total: 3

[ ] bad grades
[x] a locker at school
[ ] a baby
[ ] a pet chimpanzee
[x] sparkly blue nail polish
total: 2

[ ] a "vote for pedro" tshirt/hoody
[ ] the movie "the 40 year old virgin"
[ ] a promise ring
[ ] a pool table
[ ] swimming pool
total: 0

[ ] trampoline
[x] livejournal
[x] flip flops
[ ] steve madden shoes
[x] the sims 2
total: 3

[ ] a ping pong table
[ ] air hockey table
[x] a basement
[ ] converse
[x] construction paper
total: 2

[x] markers, crayons, etc.
[x] coloring books
[x] a nice singing voice
[x] XBOX
[ ] PS2
[ ] PSP
total: 4

[ ] some type of disease
[ ] rose red movie
[ ] wife beaters
[x] a mom or a dad
[x] an older brother(s)
total: 3

[x] an older sister(s)
[ ] a younger brother
[x] a younger sister
[ ] a sled
[ ] a lake/pond near my house
[x] friends who u love
total: 3

TOTAL -- 47
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For Michelle [September 15, 2006 @ 6:58pm]
Well my good friend Michelle is really unwell and she really needs alot of prayer. she has acanthameba kerititis in her eye. a very rare disease and if shes not careful she could lose her sight or her eye. this is a very hard on her friends a school. and escpesically her and her family.. please please pray for her. she really needs it. thanks

Michelle if you read this i want ya to know i luv you so much and everyone misses you at school. your in my prayers and i pray that God will be with you and heal you, 

luv you so much Michelle get better <33
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[September 15, 2006 @ 7:05am]
[ mood | tired ]

i guess ill update now well im waitin to go to school;

my life is really busy at the moment.. always go, im waiting to go to vocal jazz.. i was so lazy this mornin tho im wearin sweats and a nice big sweat shirt. and hair is up.. i actually get a frree lunch today (ithink). my luck someone will want to hav a meeting lol// 
yah i dont know what to say. im luving school but dont know how much more of this busyness ill be able to take. . im getttin headaces from being stressed and not eatin much. (that reminds me i should make a lunch....) but yah next rowing is sunday mornin// yesterday was good but i wasnt really focused i was just so worried on messing up that i messed up alot lol..  but yah anywayss. this is boring lol... umm m yah

but yahh.. ok so my blog has kinda died lol//

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[September 13, 2006 @ 9:20pm]
well very exciteing news after a very stressfull da. wel to day after school me and toni went around llok for a teacher sponser and we;; guess what!!!!! MS. RANDILL-WILLIAM IS SO FREAKEN AWESOME!!!!.. SHES OUR ROWING TEACHER SPONSER/ THANKS TO HER . IF IT WASNT FOR HER THERD BE NO ROWING FOR US!...and well gotta say this ME  AND TONI  are soooooo  AWESOMEE!!!//

YA ya im so so excited  ROWIN starts tomarrow!!!!!!!.. mhm ya thats the great news of the day. this should be a awesome year for rowing :D
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[September 12, 2006 @ 9:43pm]
ok well .. im kinda tired at the momment/ workin away at my math homework. n got a headace.. woohoo (rolls eyes)// yah im alil stressed out already/ im almost done my math but havnt started my science.. and tomarrow mornin i hav choir. bright an early at 7:30am.. i need to get out early tho cuz me and toni need to begg Ms tate to be our teacher sponser for rowing. we know shes extremely busy but we seriouls y need one or ther might not be rowing. ill cry if rowing gets dropped  i seriously will. pleaz pray that we find a teacher sponser and another couch. that would take so much off my shoulders..  

i hate my life at the moment. i find my self not lvieing for God but just turnin to him in times i need him. thats not how i want it to me. i am really needing God in my life.  When im at camp God is ther guiding me but when im back at home its like He isnt guiding me anymore. im having alot of difficulties with this. its seams that i just keep sinning even tho i know what im doing wrong and satin just keeps tempting me and i always fall. it feels like God has gone far away from my life. i realize i swear alot. when im mad, sad, stressed.. i swear  but yet i can swear well tryin to focus on God.  i really dont know whats goen on anymore. i cant seem to get ahold of my life. and more than anything i was God to be leading my life not the sin tht i comitt everyday.

just pray for me.
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[September 10, 2006 @ 3:31am]
lalalalaaa/// ok so im tired, bored and got a headace lol.. nothin much is new..
 im hangin out with Chella. i went to her church today for rally;;;;;;;;;kkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhytttttttt66666666666666666yuyhhby87y7y7y8b7 jimouhkjko...

ok ok that was Chella.. i was to tired to stop her,  i went to her church for rally day.. that was alright. in i saw pat humble.. awkward lol.. he knows who i am and well i havnt seen him forever and really didnt think he'd know who the hell i am lol.. yah im talk to him on msn now. wow he's so entertaining lol.. funnny guy. haha
ya me and chella went to CANWEST to day... please not i will continue to call it canwest as long as im still alive!!!!.  haha so ya we looked around and then went to Superstore.. we bought ALOT of junk food lol.. haha yah.  we went to her moms today for dinner.. hm let me see interesting.. lol they hav 5 dogs and 3 cats/ umm i was seriously scared of ther dog named lucas/ man the dog was BIG/ like seriously if that dog was chasing you ud be scared outta ur witts. no joking. yah wat can i say about her fam. lol ther interesting/  (i guess i cant say anythin bad cuz she;ll end up reading this lol).. haha/ well yah we went in the hottub at her moms and that was fun.. nice hottub... o ya and the floor in her moms bathrooms a heated!! lol i think that was the highlight of the day for  me lol.. hahahaaaha

we finally went back to her grandmas and weve been in Chellas room since.. fun fun fun o and right now its 3:49 in newfoundland lol.. that id add that lol.. hahaahaha

anywaysss i gueess i;l; up date more laterrrrrrrrr.. byes
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[September 08, 2006 @ 10:11pm]

i dont see much point in me updateing im only doen it becuz of Chella. . .

ok well schools good.. i luv all my classes the done side is i never see any of my good friends. but i hav a big locker and i luv it lol.. ive allready decerated it with pics from camp.. but i still hav to get a pic of Chella on my locker.. i hav 3 more pics on my camper from senioor music that i hav to take bt i cant wait...  anywayss i really want to do good in school.. like really i really hope i can get a A in math dont know if its possible lol.. it would be hard.. hmm i dont know what to write. 

awwww hmmm well lol.. this weekend and well im hangin out with Chella goen to her church tomarrow for somethin and then sleepin ova at her place and gen to church with her for Rally day.. i luv rally day but my church  is stupid and isnt doen anythin this time for it.. we used to always hav a bbq and everythin but ever since weve had these officers everythin has changed i dont enjoy my church at all anymore. it sucks.. im looken for a new church. i hav one in mind but im not sure.. im waitin for schoool to all get started up

today i went to a rowing meeting.. i start rowing tuesday!.. me and toni are so gonna stick together.. but the sad thin is we've like lost our quad... it used to be me toni tereasa and sarah.. now theres only me and toni.. which sucks cuz we might hav to row 8 boats for most of the time.. hopefully ill get to go out in a double and practise a double with toni.

i just joined the songsters at church/ ok last night was my first practice i already wanna quit. everythin just keeps goen through my head about how busy i am and how the heck ill get my homework done.. but im already gettin stressed and im so worried about doen good cuz i know these are the last 3 years that actually count.. grade 8&9 were like practice rounds lol anyways im starting to ramble... 

ok  HAPPY chella?.  ther ya go lol.. 

thats alll for nowww!

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[September 05, 2006 @ 8:25am]
Well... im waitin to leave for school, i dont hav to be ther till9:30am tho.. so i hav life  a hour lol.. im excited and then after im goen out with my mom to get unlimited text messaging on my cell.. so excited i talked my dad into it hehe and then hopefully i can talk my mom into taking me downtown i want to get a guitar tuner for my guitar.. considering its totally out of tune and i got a piano or anythin lol.. 

My Granddads stil in the hospital. they wont let him go home no matter what/ but he's so wek and its really hard on my grannie// ther talkin about moving my granddad to somewhere with more care.. i dont know much.. i just try and listen in on what my dad and aunt talk about.. but i hear he's in bad shape.e.. its saad. i havnt seen him since is birthday. and well after that everythin kinda went done hill for him..i should go see him sometime att the hospital. but i guess im just affraid. affraid of seein how bad shape he is in.. i really dont want to lose a nother grand parent/ loseing my grandma at the begining of summer hurt bad enough.

ok enough on that.. its so sad of a subject to stick on for a long timee// anyways, i only got to go to school for a hour today. and my sis has to go for 2.. haha suckerrr... apparenttly ther was a cougar spotted somewhere near my house last night.. haha deffently not walkin to school today lol// anyways befor i bored ya to death im gonna go.. byebyess...
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last day before school :( [September 04, 2006 @ 10:04am]
thats right my last day untill i hav to start another long year of school... goen into grade 10 and kinda excited.. just worrried about math.. im gettin a tuter but my teacher like to really give out the homework. (yikes..).. well atleast i only got to go for a hour tomarrow... omgosh im so bored...

yah// thats like all i hav to say.. hahaha... byes for nowwws..
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update on life. [September 03, 2006 @ 8:17pm]
OK. lets see..

i was at camp for 4 weeks. I did LIT 1 for 2 weeks and i was in lower camp for another to weeks.. got home hanged out for a week and decided to go back for Senior Music camp.

Senior Music was cool.. i was nervous at first but i got over that lol.. i stayed in Birch with some really wierd.. this one girl named Chella o man is she wierd lol (shes gonna kill me for puttin that in here LOL)..hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. anyways ya but i shared a roomm with the very wierd Chella and another girl named Vangi. anyways.. ya it was all good my Major was choir and my electives were Out door Challenge (where we did like  nothin lol) and Worship Band. OK it was awesome.. Danielle Strickland was the leader of it.. we sang "Joy of the Lord".. great song..  ther were 11 ppl in of band.. cool huh lol.. i guess i was sorta the lead singer.. i dont know// but well at our performance it was a mess lol our mics didnt work lol and ther was a different song on the powerpoint. it was bad lol. i was dissappointed but o well ill live on lol./// we played a game where u had to kill ppl .. andwell i was in like the top 5 or somethin//  we had to do theory o my lol i suck at theory and HATE it!.. i failed lol.. got 20% in it lol..yah it was great haha ok im gettin bored of typen lol.. ok so quick.. we had a performance at Cariboo and then my parent and us decided to stay in Richmand over night and then we went to the PNE the next day.. then we went home lol..  i went to the sannich fair with that wierd Chella yesterday (shes gonna kill me lol) (Chella its ur fault for wanting me to write a update lol).. anyways we had a good time lol.. and yah i love pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. haha
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BACCKKKK! [August 12, 2006 @ 8:48pm]
YES! im back!.

ok well im really to lazy to explain every thing but it was great. i hav some pics to put up and stuff but ill do that later. but yah everythins goen good and im glad to be back!
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leaving tomarrow.. byebye. [July 15, 2006 @ 8:42pm]
Well tomarrow i head off to Gibsons BC. Goen to the Salvation Army camp ova ther for a month. for the first 2 weeks im a LIT and then for the next 2 weeks im in lower camp relaxing lol.. im all packed and ready to go. even tho my bag weighs like a million pounds im all packed lol.. lucky my dad gets to carry it lol.  umm well yah im leaving tomarrow mornin dont know what time yet. but i wanna get ova ther as soon as possible i luv being up ther. But its a 2 hour drive to the ferry terminals. funn woohoo *rolls eyes*. great huh. ANnd my mom and sis are coming to.. great . i really didnt want them to come. like seriously thers no point ther goen to like spend an extra 50 buck just to go along for fun. sheesh. but im glad i get some time to be by myself for a while. it should be good, no parents. no bratty sisters lol.. i am nervous but oh well lol anyways im gonna go..

oh and i get back on the 12th of Augest. and ill be on here like first thing when i get back lol.. byeeeeeees <33
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