kathrynwalker (kathrynwalker) wrote,

potatoe sex!

hahaa.. anywayss im wrighting this blog out of boredom. waiting for my food to be ready lol.. anyways last couple days hav been off and on gooddayss// lol
 ill spare u the pain and only talk about today.. so school is boring right?.. ok just making that clearr to everyonee. umm didnt do much today watso everr..  so nothin really matters till lunch.. so we shall skip to lunch lol.. lunch, went to store to buy lunch. came back went to choir. umm went back to media artss.. blah blah blaa.. umm left at 130 to see miss tatee. umm didnt go to spanish till 230.. that the life hey lol.. it was pretty niceee. lol .. umm lalalaalalalaa finally school ends .. go rowing.. see a seal with a salmon in its mouth.. that was so entertaining.. this is really the only thing i wanted to say in my blog lol.. (how sad).. haha but it was pretty wickedd.. but ya gothome and had my tutor come over and help me with math.. now i shall go and eat my foodd.. ill update some time lattttttttttterrrrrrrrrrrz
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