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update on life.

OK. lets see..

i was at camp for 4 weeks. I did LIT 1 for 2 weeks and i was in lower camp for another to weeks.. got home hanged out for a week and decided to go back for Senior Music camp.

Senior Music was cool.. i was nervous at first but i got over that lol.. i stayed in Birch with some really wierd.. this one girl named Chella o man is she wierd lol (shes gonna kill me for puttin that in here LOL)..hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. anyways ya but i shared a roomm with the very wierd Chella and another girl named Vangi. anyways.. ya it was all good my Major was choir and my electives were Out door Challenge (where we did like  nothin lol) and Worship Band. OK it was awesome.. Danielle Strickland was the leader of it.. we sang "Joy of the Lord".. great song..  ther were 11 ppl in of band.. cool huh lol.. i guess i was sorta the lead singer.. i dont know// but well at our performance it was a mess lol our mics didnt work lol and ther was a different song on the powerpoint. it was bad lol. i was dissappointed but o well ill live on lol./// we played a game where u had to kill ppl .. andwell i was in like the top 5 or somethin//  we had to do theory o my lol i suck at theory and HATE it!.. i failed lol.. got 20% in it lol..yah it was great haha ok im gettin bored of typen lol.. ok so quick.. we had a performance at Cariboo and then my parent and us decided to stay in Richmand over night and then we went to the PNE the next day.. then we went home lol..  i went to the sannich fair with that wierd Chella yesterday (shes gonna kill me lol) (Chella its ur fault for wanting me to write a update lol).. anyways we had a good time lol.. and yah i love pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. haha
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